ADG Incubator Sports Accelerator is the pioneering acceleration platform for global Sports Industry to enter, grow and thrive in the mass China's market.

Located at the Heart of Silicon Valley of China, our accelerator receives more than 1800 delegations every year, we help you offer the best first impression to your Chinese audience.

With a strategically managed network across the country, we are here to connect you to the fastest growing sports market in the world.

Why Us

The Resources: As a leading VC firm, a strong player in the marketing & media sector, a professional exhibition & event organizer, and an active player in the sports industry, ADG Incubator provides first-class resources, connection and support for our partnered members.

The Local Insight: China an unique a market requiring an unique approach. Luckily, our team can help you become more China-ish to be successful here--International backgrounds, international mindset and local insight.

The Exposure: Through our showroom, network, media channels, and purposely-organized exhibitions and events, your company, brand, technology and products will be brought to the local sports industry and market in the best way.

The Services: We understand every business is special, we also understand that every business has its own need when it comes to entering into a new market, that's why we will work with you to decide the best time to react, the best people to talk, and the best way to follow.

Why Shenzhen

  • Access to capital: Worldwide leading VC鈥檚, The Shenzhen stock exchange, Government subsidies.
  • Human capital: The city has become a magnet for young and skilled people from all over China.You want them to be your employees.
  • GDP: 355 billion USD, 9 % growth per year.
  • China Greater Bay Area: $1.5tn economy, $2.8tn economy by 2025. Shenzhen is the most important city in the region.
  • Technology HUB:聽The most important tech companies in China located in Shenzhen. Tencent, Huawei, DJI and more.
  • The silicon valley of Hardware: No other city can manufacture goods more cheaply and efficiently.
  • Proximity to Hong Kong: Only 15 min on the fast train.
  • The window of the world: Establishing a footprint in the world's most populated country, and the second economy in the world.